Guides How to Reduce CPU Usage for PC Version

What Can You Do To Reduce Your CPU Usage for GTA 5 PC Version?

Is the CPU usage of your device going crazy when playing Grand Theft Auto V? Here is a tip that can probably bring back 25% of the precious processing power that you have lost.

There are players who appear to still be struggling with all of the crash issues when playing GTA V and many problems are arising, which still appear to have the need for resolution. However, this tip coming from Goftrey might help certain people out.

After you noticed the struggles of CPU usage and felt frustrated when it comes to the stuttering issues, especially when it comes to driving, Goftrey has made a decision to find out the thing that was causing the strain on CPUs.

It was able to figure out that the launcher for Grand Theft Auto V in the PC’s task manager was eating up the CPU’s 25%. For them to figure out what was happening, they had the launcher of GTA V closed down in the task manager of Windows, then immediately, more juice for the CPU became available for the said game. Now, to make things simpler, some of the things that you must do are the following:

ALT-TAB and escape from the game. Then, launch the Task Manager and close down the launcher for Grand Theft Auto V and then go back to the said game.

Doing the ALT-TAB may be the cause of a crash. However, it is always worth a shot to find out if it is going to improve the performance of the player. There are users which are suggesting that GTAV.exe should be put into high priority in PC’s task managers so the methods can be tried and be able to see what they can get.

So far, people have been feeling slightly lucky and were not able to experience any major technical issues with the said game, as well as crashing. However, hopefully, Rockstar is going to get certain fixes out for the said problems to get their resolutions.

If you wish to know what other people think about the PC version of the game, they should definitely check out their PC port impressions piece – the time where they had the game tests on two various systems.

The said information above has been tried by a legitimate game review writer and a certain player has also tried it for himself with the use of an older processor. The usage of the CPU was really a bottleneck when it comes to the port impressions and having the launcher of GTA 5 closed after it gets loaded really helps.

The player also said that he is taking boost of 10-12fps across the board, which suggests that the launcher really appears to be very bloated.

Updates are also saying that since they posted the review and the tests, along with further testing, there have already been reports which say that having the launched closed might make the GTA V game player end up experiencing crashes for more or less 30 minutes.

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