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The Patch Notes and Capture Update by GTA 5

Patch Notes

Enhanced payouts for the losing teams in Team Deathmatch and the Last Team standing

Increased RP rewards and also cash for races with over one laps

Now the points scored from the Cash payouts for Parachuting will be taken into consideration.

Also, the spawning for the Deathmatches would be improved

Better support for the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and also Russian

Now calling the mechanic would show if the vehicle present on the list is impounded or destroyed.

The team balancing now does a much better job of bringing the crew members and also friends together.

The Head to Head matches by BETA Crew are now available to be played. And also you would need to make a playlist, which does not have vehicle Survivals, Deathmatches or any kind of jobs that need over two teams in order to initiate the Crew Head-to-Head.

Also, the player blips are now no longer red on the missions when player holds a Bounty.

The player who finishes the race as DNF is awarded cash, which is relevant to the cost of the checkpoints as they passed through the Race’s course.

The last team standing, missions and the capture are now separated in create playlist menu.

The masks are now totally eliminated during races where a helmet is needed and are removed by default when the player makes use of the smoking animation too.

Now the option of Purchase All Ammo charges the complete value of filing all players, who held weapons with ammo.

Fixes issues where North Yankton could be reached easily by the GTA online players.

Also fix a very rare issue where the characters could be lost if in case the player attempts to join GTA online on being disconnected from the network.

Fix for many duplicate vehicle exploits.

Fixes for issues regarding the character select.

Fix for issues regarding ammo vanishing after testing the Deathmatch in Creator.

Now the updates from Beach Bum would appear in the inventory menu. Also, now the players in Tanks have enhanced protection from other players who are deliberately attempting to give them a poor sport rating.

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