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Taxi Driver AI Challenge: Enjoying GTA V’s Thrilling New Adventure

The thrill never ends when playing Grand Theft Auto V and if you are looking for more ways to enjoy it, you should certainly pursue the Taxi Driver AI Challenge. So many game players are already on a rave over this incredible new fanmade game just within GTA V.

If you wish to take this challenge, what you have to do is to have a certain route set, then call a taxi or a cab. Due to the manner this challenge has been set to be, the taxi is going to take a very long path, even if there are shortcuts available. The said longer path comes with so many challenges and natural dangers, such as rocks which can block each step that you will be taking.

On the other hand, this does not appear to be the challenge yet. A taxi ride which is atypically dangerous still appears to only be a taxi ride. And the way for a person to raise the level of difficulty is by asking the driver to be in a hurry. Once the person or the player gets the challenge set up, they enter the Peruvian Road of Death, which is set at a very stressful 50 MPH.

A reliable source is claiming that the best success rate set for taxi drivers is only 10%.

Indeed, it is a challenge that you would need to get direct control of. However, it would definitely be a fun way to play.

Now, if you are interested to learn more about this game, here are some of the things and notes that we have gathered from game fans and from those who have tried it.

The said challenge can be played both in the Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto 5.

As you play this game and take the challenge, you will be able to encounter cats and rabbits along the way and the said creatures appear in similar locations. If you are among the gamers who are not fond of seeing animal violence in simulation, this challenge might not be for you.

This mode or this challenge can be very appropriate for the Video Editor, but you might have already had that in mind.

There is a fan who was able to pursue the challenge right after he was able to activate the event “don’t take the suitcase” wherein men carrying guns chased him down and the driver of the cab jumped off his car and immediately ran off.

If you wish to pursue the challenge, but you do not want to have the driver killed, there is a way for you to do so and that is by going to the Interactions Menu and then proceeding to the Actions. After that, scroll to the left or to the right until you get to the option for “Thumbs Up.”

So, now are you ready to take the exceedingly thrilling Taxi Driver AI Challenge for Grand Theft Auto V?

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