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Story of GTA IV Appears To Be More Appealing Compared To GTA V’s

The Grand Theft Auto or GTA series appears to be modern America’s ultimate commentary. Lust, money, crime and greed are rolled into one Las Vegas game buffet that is insightful, overwhelming and entertaining in its overall variety.

The thing that fascinates people the most is its way of representing the modern culture tempo,which is much better, compared to so many other mediums. All things – from polygonal landscapes mimicking real cities, music playlists, incredible antiheroes and celebrity caricatures – whether you see these as literal, allegorical or symbolic – the GTA series remains to be a modern epic.

On the other hand, GTA IV is still a favorite among many game players due to its story. Niko, too, is a favorite character when it comes to the entire canon, as he is representing and embodying the American dream.

On almostevery level, GTA V displays superior visuals and gameplay. It has three characters that are playable and the destruction jukebox which never gets repetitive. Indeed, GTA’s Los Santos was able to capture the Los Angeles feel perfectly. The map of the game is enormous and the city of Los Santos is a huge mayhem canvas.

There is a mission scale which amazes most people, having the most exciting gangster movies combined with extreme humor and sensationalism to the game series. Among these include jumping aboard some train while riding a motorcycle, waking up in an FIB morgue while you’re in some body bag, shooting an airplane down and having the Armageddon unleashed while the Paleto Score happens and while wearing military suits. The mission of Three’s Company specifically stands out because of the strategy it uses and its involvement of the three characters while accomplishing a rescue operation. Trevor goes flying a helicopter heading to their destination where another character, Michael, goes rappelling down a tall skyscraper for prisoners to break free. Furthermore, Franklin offers backup support while he works as a sniper. After this, a battle of helicopters commences that is extremely daring.

GTA’s ambitious gameplay flawlessly melds with today’s latest technology. Also, GTA IV’s list of enhancements is extensive. Driving is tight and the special ability of Franklin to make time slower behind the wheels is greatly helpful when it comes to having weapons aimed at targets. Also, drug trips offer a rare mix for the missions. Stocks can be played, there is a more intuitive smartphone interface, more satirical and stranger TV shows are shown and characters have more customization options.

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