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GTA5: Other Damned Characters


Lamar: Best friend of Franklin, more of a wild person, Lamar is quite ambitious. Owns Chop can distract enemies from wider angle.

Jimmy: Son of legendary Michael, Jimmy is lazy, dependent on father’s financial status for almost everything. Surprisingly, he does not have any close relationship with his dad.

Ron: Good friend of yet another protagonist, Trevor, Ron is conspiracy theorist, residing in a trailer. Despite being Trevor’s friend, he is scared to spend time with his own best buddy.

Amanda: Jimmy’s mother! She is damn pretty and often people fall in love with her character. A unique personality you see in GTA series! She just hates Michael’s past and that’s the same reason why she now just hates him.

Tracy: Just like Jimmy, Tracy is a spoilt brat of parents Michael and Amanda; like all young girls, she loves shopping.
Simeon Yetarian: Dishonest Armenian vehicle dealer, which Lamar and Franklin work for.

Impotent Rage: A ‘cape crusader’ handles his own television show; often found in the Los Santos streets, addressing about his beloved acting field.

Janey Jonas: Teen starlet and aspiring actress, who refers to her as ‘voice of generation’, is very confident about her style and talent.

Pamela Drake: Boldly talks about her drop-out industry and porn world.

Jock Cranley: Contending against Sue Murry (divorced school teacher), Cranley was a stuntman for TV and screen.

Dr. Isiah Friedlander – Lives in Los Santos, works as therapist, mainly for Michael.

Mitch Hayes – Very irritating, successful 38-yr old FBI agent with a great sense of humor.

Miguel Gonzalez: A FBI agent, who is just 25-year old.

Clyde: A creepy, inbred white trash hillbilly, who is 23-years old.

Brother Adam: Yoga instructor, welsh monk, who loves to explore personal tension with his very gripping massages.

Mrs. Avery: Homemaker, who just hates her neighbor Mrs. Bell.

Mrs. Bell: Californian divorcee is not so good looking, but obsessed with self beauty.

Eddie: Weed evangelist wants legalization of cannabis.

Ira Bernstein: Old sweet American lady who loves orphans, animals, and drugs.

Kevin De Silva: Fatty young boy fags a lot of weed, who likes to pass on racist comments.

Harut Vartanyan: Armenian vehicle dealer, moneylender is well connected with Underworld.

Nervous Jerry: A paranoiac resides near Simon and scared of Simon.

Calvin North: Badly dressed guy offers advice on TV shows.

Jerry Cole: Criminal information vendor and disabled IT pro, who is 53-years old.

Rich Roberts: English hard-man actor, who cannot read words properly.

Alex: Once upon a time a rich guy, now lost money and is very irritating.

Scarlet: Unshaven lady who loves to show off her wilderness.

Chad: Misogynist party boy is not as cool as he thinks.

Tae Wong: Incompetent late 30s Chinese mobster loves going to raves.

Taes Translator: Chinese translator is too weird and he is terrified of his boss.

Vasquez: Lady Cop, who arrested a female with T-Shirt, written ‘Lovefist’. This is yet another cop making her way into GTA V.


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