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Extraordinary Cheat Codes from GTA 5 Still to Get Unveiled

The amusement of playing GTA 5 with cheats is something different; it’s like playing the game at a different level.Get to know all about cheats that may activate the respective cheat function.A specific thing to remember is that GTA 5 cheats developed for Xbox 360 cannot be saved and can be used one time only and is required to be punched again and again manually. Neither the cheats can be activated in mid-mission nor can it save Xbox 360 achievements of the current game. So, remember to save the game before using cheat codes and many more such cheat codes would be revealed eventually by the developer.


During the game, suddenly pressRight, A, Right, Left, Right, RB, Right, Left, A, Y to be completely shielded for 5 minutes and you can reactivate invincibility after 5 minutes.

Full Armor and Health

Upon pressing of LB, RT, Y, X, A, B, Right, LB(3), the player is equipped with full health and armor.

Full Health and Armor

While playing the game, quickly press B, LB, Y, RT, A, X, B, Right, X,LB (3)

For Additional Ammo and Weapons

For extra ammo and additional weapons, you can press RT,A,Y,Right,Down,x and LB(3).Upon using of Left,LB,Y, you can also use extra weapons like sawed off shot gun,SMG,pistol,knife,grenade, and sniper.

Lowering Wanted Level

If you want to lower your wanted level then you can go for Right,left,RB(2),B.

Raising Wanted Level

In case you want to have some thrill by enhancing your wanted level, then you can press Right,left,RB(2),

Recharge Extraordinary Ability

During the game, instant pressing of A,Left,Right,LB,RB,X,A(2) can bring you extra ability.

Super Jump

For an extraordinary jump, you can press RB, X, Left, Right, Y(2) and for very high jump you can hold X.

Run Faster

To speed up your running, you can use X.LB,LT, Right(2),Left and Y.

Swim Faster

During the game, you can swim faster by using Right,LT,Left,Right(2)

Flaming Bullets

During the game, you can press LB(2),Right, X, Left, RB, R, X.

These are some of the functions that will enable you to take your gaming to a different level. Now it’s time to look at what the developer has to unveil in the New Year so as to fill the gaming with more adventure and excitement.

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