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GTA 5: Online Multiplayer Problems


Tutorial Problems

The greatest glitches in the initial days were the lack of ability to join games and the inability to go around the tutorial. This should have been resolved by Title update 1.02, though if you are still facing problems get Rockstar support. If you are stuck while waiting for more players to connect, make an effort to enter a solo session by navigating though Pause Menu > Online > Play GTA Online > Solo. Facing difficulty could be because of the other services like the cloud.

Social Club, Cloud Unavailable, or Network Problems

Players may get a notification that there’s difficulty in using Social Club, cloud service is down, or complexity in joining sessions. These problems are being worked upon by Rockstar. They are likely to be mainly because of fluctuations in traffic and users can try after some time. Both GTA Online and GTA V use Social Club greatly. If the cloud goes down, it results in another big glitch.

Vanishing Money, Homes, Characters, etc

The greatest problem of late is the loss of progress. Cloud service goes down, which is a main factor as the service is used to keep track of you. Rockstar says – “Please do not press ‘Retry’ on the message and do not proceed online with saving disabled, as this may lead to overwriting your existing character.”

If you lose your character fully after going online, don’t form a new one. Try to navigate through the Pause menu or try later. Once you finish playing successfully, ensure to exit and return to Story Mode. This will activate a save, provided the cloud is functioning well. Simply exiting the game fully or turning off your gaming console without doing this may result in a loss of progress.



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