GTA 5: iFruit App

GTA 5 September 19, 2013 0



Released for iOS and Android devices, the iFruit app features apps connected to the in-game world using your Social Club login. Secondly is the Grand Theft Auto V Manual.

  • Los Santos Customs – a garage to buy and customise vehicles on-the-go that will be delivered to your in-game garage. You can also reserve your licence plate to use in GTA Online and it will be unique to you! So grab it quick.
  • Chop the Dog – a mini game of sorts where you look after your own virtual Chop; his happiness scale will affect his mood in-game, and you can teach him tricks to use and customise his collar (also in-game!)
  • Social Club and Life Invader – direct access to fulfill all of your Social Club stats and crew needs, as well as Stalking+
  • Misc – alongside those, we have direct links to mobile Rockstar games, the Rockstar store and the official GTAV website!


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