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iFruit App for GTA 5 is now Available on Androids!


There are now two more interactive features released in the iFruit app, in addition to the newly pushed information that was pushed into the GTA app. The new feature allows the user to create their own vehicle in the game starting from features like choosing their paint jobs, customising the smoke colours, choosing the right window tints, revving up their wheels, choosing the right hood and spoilers. If customisation is what you wanted then this feature allows you to jut does that! Pimp your car to make it look like your dream car and then get to ride it!If you want to ride the customized car of your dreams then Grand Theft Auto V will not disappoint you, you will have your dream car waiting for you in your garage. Not only that the app also allows you to create customised licence plates for use in the GTA and GTA V online versions, while you are playing, talk about multitasking.

This app also comes with a game play called Tamagotchiesquewherein you look after a dog remotely, that belongs to one of Franklin’s friends and get to pet him, feed him and play games with him and teach tricks that help you to unlock great rewards in the GTA V online version. All you need to do is to keep the pup positive and happy so that he is more responsive towards you when you play the main game as he really helps you to sniff out the hidden stuff while you take him out for a walk with you. As a reward you can also buy him a bespoken collar that you can buy from your credits.

This is one app that you cannot miss and will surely enjoy using. Watch out for more news on the upcoming features that Rockstar announces for its subscribers.

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