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Grand Theft Auto V PC Version Appears to be the Best Game Version

Many people are celebrating because Grand Theft Auto V is getting its PC version. People have played much of the Xbox 360 version of the game and it appears to be their favorite version of GTA. On the other hand, they have been thinking about how much better the game experience would be with some sharper textures, smoother frame rates and being able to run at a 1280×720 resolution. On the other hand, the good news appears to be that the most-awaited version of this game on PC is going to have all of the things mentioned, together with a range of visual effects for modern graphics card to be taken advantage of. It also comes with better lighting and it has a greater draw distance. Also, finally, Rockstar is giving a vast Los Santos urban sprawl, together with surrounding deserts, mountains, forests and more.

The port featured in Grand Theft Auto IV did not appear to be any good. However, being able to play the extraordinary Max Payne 3 PC edition, which is using the same RAGE version as GTA V, gave players a reasonable source of confidence which suggests that they are going to do an improved job. The game’s PC version is also going to feature busier streets just like what the trailer suggests, which is showing a freeway filled with an increased amount of traffic. Other than making the GTA city appear and feel way more alive, the said version, too, should make shootouts and chases more chaotic. Among the best things regarding GTA V is that it barely has story missions, which serve as “filler.” All of them are very unique and interesting.

Setting aside the visuals, the game’s PC version also gets some video editor which Rockstar claims may be available for “advanced movie-making.” Their editor for IV appeared fine. However, it does not seem to be as powerful compared to what players would have liked. Fortunately, GTA V PC version has the said features. Just like its predecessor, GTA V appears to be a game with so many moments. Also, there are a lot of ways for the mayhem to come about, pedestrians with a toy, or by using the different terrain for stunts to be performed and for mad set-pieces to be created. Los Santos appears to be a very familiar territory. However, when you leave the limits of the city, and you go to the Grand Senora Desert or the valleys and forests located around Mt. Chillad, any player will realize just how more enjoyable GTA 5 is compared to other games included in the series. Other than planes, there are also enormous jumbo jets and crop dusters which undoubtedly just make the game more fun.

The multiplayer feature of GTA 5 also plays a big part. However, its 360 version comes with very obvious limitations. The mode for free roam only allows 16 players, not being able to maximize the huge map. Players also get the chance to drive around for a period of time without having to bump into other game players.

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