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Grand Theft Auto 5 Can Have Modding But Might Take Some Time

Grand Theft Auto has officially had its PC version release and while it was able to hit a small snag for those who are using Windows, the game appears to have become a success during its launching. The game can be found on Steam. However, there is nothing that you will be able to find for GTA V by checking the Steam Workshop. Now, the question is still there – will you be able to mod it?

Based on what ENB Series has said, no, this is not possible. They also said that in their opinion, “Rockstar has already done everything that it can for them to be able to prevent GTA 5 from undergoing modding. That is why, right now, it is no longer possible to do things such as game file editing. Other modders are also in favor of the said opinion.

Also, it has been said that Rockstar does not seem to be fond of game modding for games which use online multiplayers. The technical director of Rockstar, Adam Fowler, has already laid out all of the developers’ stance when it comes to GTA V modding to TechRadar. It has said that their priority is for them to maintain GTA Online’s integrity and make sure that there is nothing that can detract from the said experience. They also said that they are going to work for the environment to be protected and to be certain that no negative effect reaches the community. However, they also expressed their desire to see and hear about the PC gamers’ experiences once they get to play GTA V.

On the other hand, the community of modding does not seem to agree with the statement of ENB Series. If you are going to visit GTA Forums, you will see that modders really have their way in. Furthermore, it suggests that ENB may have been jaded from previous issues involving Rockstar.

They say that the game isn’t locked down and that they still hold .rpf files enclosing the game. Also, they said that as soon as a person reverse engineers the executable files of the game, then they will acquire the “key” for these files to be opened and just freely do what they want. The developer of ENB, too, has been recognized to be posting things that are pretty delusional, like the one post wherein they claim that Rockstar actively attempted to achieve the prevention of his mods with the updates of GTA 4 when everything they did was just change the manner shadows worked, which broke the mod unintentionally. He also got some hissy fit, plus he has never got the chance to create a version for the later versions of GTA 4. Also, they would probably not come back for the latest version of GTA due to the said vendetta involving Rockstar.

In addition, there were also statements saying that the 360 and PS3 game versions experienced modding and such are doing active steps to have mods prevented.

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