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GTA Update: Getting Super Strength and Speed from GTA 5 Mod

If you have been searching for a new game which features superheroes, GTA 5 could be among the best bets that you can ever have. Also, some additions among the first mods for the PC version of the game gives you the chance to offer your characters increased strength and speed.

Lingon, the one who created the said mod, released a certain trailer, which is featuring and highlighting the option for super strength. It also gives you the chance to punch or hit vehicles really hard that they get thrown away, and can reach the edge of the road.

On the other hand, cooljunkgaming was able to release a showcase highlighting the super-punch which appears to be better than the said feature. In there, he was able to use the cars he has thrown as if they were bowling bowls so that the entire size of a traffic jam or cop car squad would be taken out all at the same time. In addition, a video has been released showing replays in slow motion, which can help you see every visual detail shown, like the splitting off of a car door, and a nearby copbeing clotheslined.

The said mod is really maximizing the use of the vehicle destruction and ragdoll physics of the game. There are doubts, however, that hitting the car through punching via an intersection is going to get old.

The feature of the mod which allows the player to show super speed, on the other hand, appears to be a bit less impressive. Indeed, you can have the chance to run very fast, but this does not appear to affect the NPCs’ aim that much. This turns the process of finding cars that can be punched easier, which does not give players any room for complaints.

Furthermore, players are hoping to see additional super powers to GTA 5 really soon, for their experience to become more enjoyable and much more thrilling. A mod for super jump or flying will really be appreciated by players, especially as they look at the size of the GTA world and the community that is playing it. Also, once the players get their basic powers, they may begin adding real superheroes to the game.

Mods for GTA 4 give the players the chance to become Iron Man and Hulk, among others. In the future, when the right time comes, one might even see players doing and working on their very own movies for the Avengers, along with editor of the film included with the PC version of GTA 5.

If you wish to download the trainer program of Lingon, there are ways online that you can consider, especially if you wish to make your life easier for yourself. If you are not feeling the urge to play but you still wish to have the game broken, there are cheat codes, considered to be official codes towards the game for you to be able to make the most out of the amount of time that you have waited for the said mod to be released.

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