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Rockstar announces the release dates for Beach Bum Pack

Rockstar announced its add on by the name The Beach Bum Pack for GTA Online back in November 19th 2014 which is free and be updated automatically along with the publisher’s next title updates.

What can you expect new with this release?

The new theme has now got new jobs to do on races that are themed on beaches, Parachutes, Death-matches, Last Team Standings, Gang Attacks and Survivals. The new release has 4 new vehicles namely: The off roads truck – Canis Kalahari, The dune buggy – BF Bifta, The Speeder speedboat – that is stylish and fast and finally the beach camper – Bravado Paradise van.

Additional 2 weapons have made headway in the new release, namely the melee Broken Bottle and the SNS Pistol and are available in the Story Mode along with the GTA Online. There are also customizable options for clothes, hair styles and tattoos etc. for all the characters. The game publisher said that in addition to these features, it will also release more content additions to the story mode and GTA online in the near future.

What’s new in all the Jobs?

Grass Route II: This is a sequel to the Grass Route Race episode and has landscapes starting from the Zancudo River at the North bank to the beaches in the North Chumash.

Survival on Del Perro Pier: The episode starts from skipping the ferris wheel for a thrilling ride on the seawaves, tackling enemies on the beaches.

View of Vespucci: It is a 2,980 feet steep leap from the beaches of Vespucci that is weaved along with palm trees to escape and land on to the basketball court. And if you have skills then even attempt a freefall at a few checkpoints in the beginning before you openyour chute.

Paleto Beach: What happens when you bring fireworks in a place where the locals feel that their place is uneventful? Now have a gunfire fight with the rival team of 4-8 people on the romantic shores of the Palteo Beach!

Sundae Driving: This is one motor-bike race on the shores of the Vespucci Beach with a feeling that you are on a rocket on two wheels, tackling the difficult breakneck corners in a competition mode.

There is a lot more that will be rolled out for Grand Theft Auto Online in the coming months, stay tuned for more information on the Content Creator,and Capture the Flag info by GTA online, Cooperative on Heists and updates on the Story Mode.

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